Artist 2017: Drew Harty

Drew Harty on the Invisible Landscape: Photographing the landscape fulfills a deep need of mine, to be an explorer. The subjects I seek are the variable elements of light, water, and flora, and creating each image is an experiment. As I photograph, at one moment a composition can look complete and meaningful and in the […]

Ceramic by Diana Hall

Artist 2017: Diana Hall

Diana Hall spent the last 20 years using her garden as her creative expression. She explored a medium she studied at New Paltz college, ceramics. Most of her ceramics are nature inspired. Diana Hall will display her artwork at her shop, Botanical Treasures, venue #22. Botanical Treasures website

Out of the Cosmos by Marie Cummings

Artist 2017: Marie Cummings

This is the eleventh year Marie Cummings will be exhibiting her Experimental Water Media artwork in Stagecoach Run Art Festival. Her use of bright bold hues and use of textures tickles the imagination. Marie holds workshops and classes around the world giving participants the joy and freedom to experiment. Her work can be seen in National and […]


Artist 2017: Simone Mantellassi

Simone Mantellassi: the “path toward abstraction” of my works… the idea is based on comics… storytelling with pictures and words… the works are representional… based on reality… filtered to convey more than what you see… still true to the subjects… expanded… crashed… faulted in earnest… Simone Mantellassi will display his artwork at the Treadwell Museum of Fine Art […]

In Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the YWCA by Sondra Freckelton

Artist 2017: Sondra Freckelton

Sondra Freckelton was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1936 and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She began her career as a sculptor working in wood and plastics, exhibiting under her married name, Sondra Beal. She debuted at the Museum of Modern Art in the “Recent Sculpture U.S.A.” show in 1959 […]

The Dark Pool by Jack Beal

Jack Beal, American Realist Painter

Jack Beal was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1931. He studied at the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A grant from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1972 underscores his long list of accomplishments. The Art Institute of Boston awarded Beal […]


New Venue: Freck-Beal Studios

Nestled on stout stone walls along the clear-running Ouleout Creek, Sondra Freckelton’s home and studio occupy a former mill building, lovingly renovated by Sondra and her late husband, Jack Beal. Sondra’s second floor studio can be reached by walking up the hill to the left of the house, where a wooden bridge crosses to the […]

HRI Emanation by Cheryl Lins

Artist 2017: Cheryl Lins

Cheryl Lins has been painting in watercolor over twenty years. Color, combined with abstraction, has always been the basis for her creative compositions. Ancient Old European Goddess cultures have been an inspired starting point of forms, while recent works explore elements of tantric Buddhist initiation ritual based on her Tibetan Buddhist practices as she continues […]

Dalai Lama by Nathan Eldred Banks

Artist 2017: Nathan Eldred Banks

Nathan Eldred Banks: My artwork is something that flows out of me at a rate I often feel I have very little control over. Much like my mind, my work has many ideas and processes going on at once. The work comes out in many forms: drawing, sculpture, printing, painting, and performance. Mostly the ideas […]

Fields in Summer, Treadwell, NY by Lauren Wallis Hall

Artist 2017: Lauren Wallis Hall

Lauren Wallis Hall is a visual artist living and working in the Hudson Valley and New York City. Trained as a fine artist with a background in art history, her small intimate oil paintings explore the intersection between representation and abstraction and observation and memory, depicting places throughout the Hudson Valley and New England where […]

Kestrel by Amy Silberkleit

Artist 2017: Amy Silberkleit

Amy Silberkleit: My drawings and lithographs depict views and objects I encounter while hiking near my home. The textures and patterns in natural forms captivate me. I choose compositions that express my strong feelings for the subjects. Amy Silberkleit will display her work at the Gallery at Crooked Key Farm, venue #12.


Artist 2017: Walter Gurbo

Walter Gurbo returns to Stagecoach Run offering Prints from his daily Facebook “Drawing Room” and from his famous Village Voice series. He may display some paintings and sculpture as well. He will be there to sign books and posters too. Walter Gurbo will display his work at the Treadwell Museum of Fine Art Annex, venue #1A.

Painting by Terry Fox

Artist 2017: Terry Fox

Terry Fox is a self-taught artist living in upstate New York. His work is a combination of invented iconography, humor and improvisation about observations on inner and outer nature. The English Critic Ben Watson called his work “magical surrealism in the post-realist playpen”. His work is in several collections nationally and in Europe. Terry Fox […]

Camera Obscura from Wikimedia Commons

The Treadwell Camera Obscura

Aaron Phillips, Yasmeen Hoosenally and Glen Gaetano are collaborating on creating a Camera Obscura installation inside the The Treadwell General Store (listed as Barlow’s Store on the venue map). Visitors are invited to come inside to watch the projection; a real time, sunlight dependent, verite film that references early painting and photography techniques, projection systems and modern […]

Basket by Martha Bremer

Artist 2017: Martha Bremer

Martha Bremer has been restoring woven furniture for the past 25 years and still enjoys the process of bringing the piece back to its original look. She specializes in the craft of caning, rush work, splint, wicker, and shaker tape. And will be demonstrating one of those methods at Stagecoach. Along with furniture restoration Martha has […]


Artist 2017: Kathleen Hayek

Kathleen Hayek was raised in a small town in southern Louisiana. She earned a BFA in Painting, and a BS in Art Education from Louisiana State University. An MS in Arts Administration from Bank Street College and Parsons School of Design brought her to NYC, which was home for over 25 years. She was president […]

PAS (Park Avenue South) by Richard Kirk Mills

Artist 2017: Richard Kirk Mills

Last year at Stagecoach Richard Kirk Mills exhibited paintings, this year he’s presenting a survey of prints done over the past several decades: Etchings inspired by gardening and garden design, painterly screen prints and lithographs of NYC, collagraphs of Wyoming, monotypes of interiors and riffs on Bonnard, screen prints of Maine, Cape Cod and Florida. Over […]

Road to Delhi by Joan Dworkin

Artist 2017: Joan Dworkin

Joan Dworkin creates local scenes in monoprint. A monoprint is a process that prints one image only. You can make a second pull through the press to produce a ghost print. That will be a very pale version of the original. Degas used ghost prints as a base and added pastel, which changed the image […]

Landscape Through Rain by Brent Delanoy

Artist 2017: Brent Delanoy

Brent Delanoy: I have three loves in photography: Landscapes, portraiture, and still life. I’ve been shooting for as long as I can remember, but it was only in the last decade or so that I began a serious practice. I’ll be showing landscapes and a new series of abstractions in light and color at the […]

Blue and Brown by Colleen O'Hara

Artist 2017: Colleen O’Hara

Colleen O’Hara: I create imaginary landscapes inspired by my interaction with real physical space. This body of work originates out of an exploration of material. Paint contains a vast amount of potential and unpredictability. I enjoy working in a space between control and freedom. Responding to material holds the possibility to investigate the physical world.  Brush […]