Toppling In by Sandra Finkenberg

Artist 2018: Sandra Finkenberg

“Toppling In”, by Sandra Finkenberg, and more of Sandra’s are currently hanging at the Smithy’s Pioneer Gallery through June 17th. Please go if you haven’t already, it’s a wonderful, unique, and historic space, currently featuring a number of Stagecoach artists in addition to many others! See Sandra’s work at the Freck/Beal Studios, venue #24, this […]

Winter Evening by Amy Silberkleit

Artist 2018: Amy Silberkleit

Amy Silberkleit makes detailed drawings and lithographs of landscapes and natural objects. Using lithography crayons and ink, graphite, carbon dust and colored pencil she reproduces the texture, structure and diversity of forms found in nature. Witness the winning austerity of winter captured by her in the frosty landscape “Winter Evening”. Amy will display her artwork […]

Cow by Suzanne Arndt

Artist 2018: Suzanne Arndt

Cows! It’s hard to imagine Delaware County outside the context of its rich dairy industry, which flourished from around the 1870’s (with the advent of rail service) to well into the 20th century. This acrylic painting on reclaimed wood was done by Suzanne Arndt. See more of Suzanne’s acrilics on reclaimed wood at Natural Gardens, […]

Sheffield Creamery by Karen Graves

Artist 2018: Karen Graves

We love this moody atmospheric portrait of the historic Sheffield Creamery in Bloomville, which housed the very first pasteurizing machine in the United States (imported from Germany in 1892). By watercolorist Karen Graves – find her at “Natural Gardens”, venue #13, this July 7 & 8, 2018. Karen Graves’ website.

Cermaic dish by Elizabeth Nields

Artist 2018: Elizabeth Nields

The prolific Elizabeth Nields strikes again! See a bowl, buy a bowl, buy a bowl of food – all this can be done at the Tulip and the Rose Café (venue #23) in Franklin July 7 & 8, where the café is serving as both restaurant and art venue that weekend. Elizabeth Nields’ website.

Bird/Beer, Collage by Christine Alexander

Artist 2018: Christine Alexander

Channeling another era, we love the retro vibe of Christine Alexander’s painting “Beer Bird Collage”. Yes please, all of the above! See Christine’s watercolor & acrylic paintings and cut-paper collage at the Fisher’s Barn, venue #9. Christine Alexander’s website.

Willow Fossil Detail by Kathleen Hayek

Artist 2018: Kathleen Hayek

“Willow Fossil”, handmade paper with inclusions by Kathleen Hayek. A distant festival outlier well worth a visit to her very cool personal studio, a former barn conversion. Demonstrations on Saturday & Sunday: 11AM – Making paper 1PM – Embossing Greeting Cards 3PM – Watercolor Postcard See Kathleen’s work at her East Brook Studio in Walton, […]

View From Bloomville Hill by Lenny Failla

Artist 2018: Lenny Failla

For those of you art patrons looking for local landscapes, check out former art teacher and house painter Lenny Failla’s work. Seen here is “Bloomville Hill Road”, just a hop, skip, and jump from Treadwell. Lenny’s works, oil and acrylic on paper, will be on display at the Natural Gardens, venue #13.

Sunset on St. Lawrence by Kathleen Gallagher

Artist 2018: Kathleen Gallagher

“Sunset On St. Lawrence” by Kathleen Gallagher. Who knew the rural, sprawling Delaware County NY had so many artists hidden in its hamlets and hollows?! See this and other acrylic and watercolor paintings by her at the Natural Gardens, venue #13.

painting by Tony Martin

Artist 2018: Tony Martin

We have a number of life-partner presenters at this year’s festival of 68 artists, where both people are artists in their own right, with their own disciplines and directions. But when seen together you can feel the energy of shared mutual artistic expression. So it is with Tony Martin, seen here, and his wife Margot […]