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Stagecoach Run 2024

Stagecoach Run 2024

This July, as they have for more than twenty five years, artists in and around the historic arts communities of Franklin and Treadwell will open their studios, homes, barns and galleries for the Stagecoach Run Art Festival. The self guided tour welcomes visitors from all over the state and the country to wander the hills of western Delaware County and enjoy some of the best art to be found in the Catskills.

This year’s lineup includes more than 40 participating artists spread across 22 locations, the majority of which are located along the former “Catskill Turnpike” stagecoach road.

The two day Festival’s mission is to forge and strengthen relationships between creatives and their neighbors while simultaneously demonstrating the financial and cultural value that artists add to a community. As the western Catskills has seen a huge influx of newcomers since the pandemic, that mission seems even more relevant and important.

This year’s event will be July 6 and 7. Stagecoach is a self-guided tour and entirely free to the public. Many of its visitors begin their journey at the Bright Hill Literary Center in Treadwell, where a salon-style exhibition of participating artists’ works can be found. The exhibit will run from June 8 through July 7 and can prove especially helpful for visitors trying to plan their time at the Festival.

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