Artist 2017: Joan Dworkin

Joan Dworkin creates local scenes in monoprint. A monoprint is a process that prints one image only. You can make a second pull through the press to produce a ghost print. That will be a very pale version of the original. Degas used ghost prints as a base and added pastel, which changed the image completely. Monoprints are usually inked with Black ink on a copper plate or a plastic plate. After being completely inked you begin to pull the ink off the plate. The harder you rub the whiter the image. You can use various tools like Q-tips to create nuances of shapes and shades of grey. When you have completed your design, you run it through a hand turned printing press. Voila! You have a monoprint.

Joan Dworkin will display her monoprints at her studio, venue #8.