Artist Application and Guidelines

Thanks for being a part of Stagecoach 2018!

Please refer to the  guidelines and spaces section before filling in this application. No application can be accepted without a exhibition venue being specified (whether your own studio or a host venue). Host venue spaces are first come, first served and can only be secured by contacting a given venue’s coordinator so get this done early!

The deadline for inclusion in the printed brochure is March 31. The fee has increased to $50 but there is a $10 discount for applications and payments received by March 9, 2018.

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Artist Application 2018 no longer available

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A successful submission will display a page stating “Thank you for submitting your application… etc”. If you do not land on this page telling you your submission is successful, please get in touch so we can figure out where the problem is.

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Every participating artist must file an individual application and pay the appropriate entry fees. This especially applies to artists who are hosting other artists. Artists who allow unpaid exhibitors at their venues will not be asked to participate the following year.

Only fine art, hand-made crafts and objects, and books written and/or illustrated by the exhibitor are to be displayed and sold.

While you are encouraged to distribute press releases to papers and publications, no paid advertisements or stories will be reimbursed unless first cleared by the Treasurer.

While there should be food stops on the festival tour, we encourage you to provide light refreshments at your venue.

Every location must be manned for the duration of the festival.


Every participating artist is responsible for coordinating their exhibition space either at their own home/studio or with a host venue. There are several venues with space available; please check this list and contact the venue’s coordinator if you need an exhibit space.