New Venue: Freck-Beal Studios

Nestled on stout stone walls along the clear-running Ouleout Creek, Sondra Freckelton’s home and studio occupy a former mill building, lovingly renovated by Sondra and her late husband, Jack Beal.

Freak-Beal Studios

Sondra’s second floor studio can be reached by walking up the hill to the left of the house, where a wooden bridge crosses to the studio’s exterior door. In the cozy, pragmatic space where so much work has been created, Sondra will show her watercolors, as well as some of Jack’s paintings. Prints by both artists will be for sale.

At the turn of the driveway, across from the old barn, is the Labor Studio, so called because it was built to provide Jack space enough to work on the grand-scale murals he made for the Department of Labor in Washington D.C.

Three artists will be showing in this space:

Visitors are invited to wander the grounds, as one of Sondra’s finest and most mature works is her garden, rich with old roses, peonies and other interesting perennials and shrubs, framed by the surrounding hills and the musical Ouleout.

The studios are located at the end of Epps Road where there is a roundabout and ample parking. (Venue #16)