New Venue: Wise Guys Pizza in Franklin

Michael and Sheryl Joubert of Wise Guys Pizza in Franklin, NY
Michael and Sheryl Joubert

Michael and Sheryl Joubert started Wise Guys Pizza two years ago. Since then the place is full of energy and people. “I am half French and half Italian”, says Michael, “that’s why I enjoy cooking so much., but …”, he admitted, “Sheryl actually does most of the cooking now.” In the summer they are open every day from 6:30 in the morning until 7:30 at night. “Yes, we are open for breakfast,” says Sheryl, “American breakfast, thanks to Dawn who helps us with that.” Last year Wise Guys sponsored the Stagecoach Art Festival. This year they really participate by showing art. They look forward to be a part of it. Their venue (#21) has approximately 120 ft of wall space available to hang art. Franklin artist Edmond Rinnooy Kan will show around 15 works there, a selection from the last ten years. Michael majored in art and has a sister with an art degree from Boston University. “ Now my pizza’s are my artwork.” he says. “What’s your favorite pizza, Mike?” He looks at Sheryl “I think the classic pepperoni and sausage. That’s hard to beat.” And your favorite painting?” “That outdoor scene by the French impressionist Seurat, Sunday in the Park, that’s the name.” “So Sunday in the Park with a pepperoni – sausage pizza?” “Yes,” Mike says smiling, “that would be heaven, pure heaven.”

Wise Guys Pizza
226 Main Street
Franklin, NY 13775
Tel: 607 829 5566