Spotlight Show at Bright Hill

So, a pretty cool thing is happening this year at one of our principal and most significant venues – Bright Hill Center is hosting a special “Stagecoach Run Spotlight Show”, exhibiting one work from every Stagecoach artist. It’s almost like our Instagram feed…in 3D! It’s never been done before in our 23 year history, and is a terrific way to get a quick general overview of all the work available to be seen. This factor alone is awesome, but has the additional benefit if, say, you are short on time or just want to pick your passion, you can select where you want to do deep dives into individual artist’s work (the venue for each artist is posted along with their work). So smart, so fun! We look forward to seeing all of you this year – festival regulars, and newcomers alike, July 7 & 8, 10-5pm.